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The Pleasure House of Tarma is famed throughout the galaxy for its well-trained Pleasure Consorts. But beneath the shining surface, dark corruption is lurking. Aurelian Reynard has been disgraced, the stain of scandal upon him, and he is looking to restore his reputation.

Kait Pyne is willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth of her sister’s murder. Together, will the two of them uncover the secrets of the Pleasure House, or will they fall victim to those who keep its secrets?

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Aria Gryffin is a noblewoman used to getting her own way. Jack Marx is a pirate who doesn’t listen to anyone. When Jack claims Aria in an elaborate interplanetary heist, the sparks fly. Will Aria succumb to her adventurous side, or will she remain a spoiled brat? And can the two of them work together to solve a deeply hidden mystery?

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Madeline Marx is the CEO of the Pleasure House of Tarma, and it’s a labor of love. However, her vision of the House is under threat from those who would seek to corrupt it for the sake of blind profits.

Enoch Immanuel is the galaxy’s most notorious war criminal, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

Can Madeline trust this man with her dreams when everything falls apart?

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Karl just wants a job. Ciaran would like his dead wife to leave him alone. Malik would like a purpose in life. And Clive would really, really like to be rid of Rodney. There are curious things happening in the strange corners of reality, and no one can see them all clearly. Strange Corners invites you into the half-world, a place where the mundane and the mythic meet, interact, and sometimes even share a drink. At this moment however, there are few drinks to be had: someone, or something, has altered the balance of things. There's a race to set it right, but not everyone has the best of intentions...

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Giada Negri wouldn’t call her life perfect, but things were going well. That is, until the day her father made a foolish decision that put their family’s future at risk. Now Giada faces a critical decision: let her family fall into ruin, or marry Luca Castrogiovanni, the notorious mafia playboy.

Giada’s life has been turned upside down, but she may just have found an unlikely ally: Luca himself, who is very far from what he has been portrayed to be. Which is not to say that he doesn’t have dark secrets of his own…

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Astrid, a Witch of the Ironwood, is content in her life. Her people live separately as a group of women who acknowledge no man’s rule, using sorcery to conceal and protect themselves. Huw is a Jomsviking, a legendary group of mercenary fighters whose reputation is both feared and admired. A ruthless warrior, he is used to having his every word obeyed without question.

Thrown together by a goddess with her own agenda, the witch and the warrior must find a way to defeat an ancient evil that has been resurrected. It threatens not only the Witches of the Ironwood, but to upset the balance of power forever. Each faces a dilemma. Astrid must choose between her beloved sisterhood and the warrior who commands her submission. Huw must decide between being a member of an ancient brotherhood and the woman who has captured his heart.

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Brynn Thorson the Jomsviking has had a hard time of it—magically kidnapped, nearly murdered, and slowly making a long recovery. Now he seeks the woman who kidnapped him: Kasia, a Witch of the Ironwood. The two of them must learn to bury their past grievances and reckon with their passionate attraction to each other, in order to deal with a deadly foe—the notorious Burners. Once again, the gods and goddesses are intervening in the affairs of mortals, and Brynn and Kasia must rise above being mere pawns in a lethal game, if they don’t kill each other first!

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Evil rises in the North. Freyja seeks her champions – the children of those who have served her before. Sif must choose between her heart and her loyalty to the Sisterhood. Hakon seeks only Sif, the love of his life. Can they save the Ironwood from a terrible danger? Can they hold on to their love when their lives are falling apart?

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It might be wedding season, but it's impossible to be an eager bride when you're nothing more than property or the pawn in a power play. Arranged alliances, blackmailed brides, reluctant vows... happily-ever-after might be a fantasy.

This wickedly hot collection of ten never-before-seen dark mafia romances is not for the faint-of-heart.

Daddy's LIttle Mafia Princess by Maren Smith | His for the Keeping by RJ Gray | Hyland's Property by Felicity Brandon | Chosen by Daddy by Pepper North | Collateral by Raisa Greywood | Diamond by Lesley Clark | Not by a Long Road by Tom Rhymer | Daddy's Little Spy by Stella Moore | Whispered Vows by Maggie Ryan | Mad Love by Sinistre Ange

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