Dark Vows: A Mafia Bride Anthology


To have and to hold, till death do them part.

It might be wedding season, but it's impossible to be an eager bride when you're nothing more than property or the pawn in a power play. Arranged alliances, blackmailed brides, reluctant vows... happily-ever-after might be a fantasy.

This wickedly hot collection of ten never-before-seen dark mafia romances is not for the faint-of-heart.

Daddy's LIttle Mafia Princess by Maren Smith
His for the Keeping by RJ Gray
Hyland's Property by Felicity Brandon
Chosen by Daddy by Pepper North
Collateral by Raisa Greywood
Diamond by Lesley Clark
Not by a Long Road by Tom Rhymer
Daddy's Little Spy by Stella Moore
Whispered Vows by Maggie Ryan
Mad Love by Sinistre Ange


Witch and Warrior (Viking Masters Book 1)


A witch and a warrior... mortal enemies
Can they work together to save everything they love?

Astrid, a Witch of the Ironwood, is content in her life. Her people live separately as a group of women who acknowledge no man's rule, using sorcery to conceal and protect themselves. When Astrid's vision reveals a quest with a warrior she has never met, she sets out to fulfill her destiny.

Huw is a Jomsviking, part of a legendary group of mercenary fighters whose reputation is both feared and admired. A ruthless warrior, he is used to having his every word obeyed without question.

Thrown together by a goddess with her own agenda, the witch and the warrior must find a way to defeat an ancient evil that has been resurrected. It threatens not only the Witches of the Ironwood, but to upset the balance of power forever. Each faces a dilemma. Astrid must choose between her beloved sisterhood and the warrior who commands her submission. Huw must decide between being a member of an ancient brotherhood and the woman who has captured his heart.

In an evil and dangerous world, they face a battle of passion and destiny.

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